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Updated 24 October 2018.

If you can address any of these material requests I'd appreciate hearing from you!

Potable water service connector:  This is the quarter turn aluminum ramp connector which attaches to the water service port on the outer fuselage just forward of the leading edge of the left wing.  (The connector attached to the white water pipe on the left side of this image.)  My original connector was destroyed by vandals.  A replacement plus a spare (two total) would be ideal.

Plumbing and controls from the potable water tank to the water service ports:  My original native 727 titanium water tank is installed and serving perfectly but with alien connection plumbing.  I prefer to install the original plumbing and controls associated with the tank.  This includes the water fill pipes, drain pipes, valves, and control rods.

Potable water tanks:  One to three are needed to serve as buffer air pressure tanks for my rural water well system.  They'll be mounted in the aft cargo bay.  Almost any style from any aircraft should be fine for this application.

Aft water system drain valve and associated plumbing:  Located just below the left aft lav and above the cabin air outflow valves described below.  This is simply the hand operated valve with associated plumbing which provides a means to drain the water systems associated with the aft lavatories and galley.

Likely already arranged:  Full set of pitot tubes:  None need to be functional since my requirement is just for appearance and fuselage sealing purposes (burned out heaters don't matter to me). 

Possibly already arranged:  Right wing tip clear position light cover and mounting fasteners:  This is the sculptured clear polymer cover through which the green position lights shine.  I very stupidly substantially damaged my original, a real shame since it was in pristine condition.  Although a replacement might already be arranged acquisition of a second good one is preferred because this cover is exposed to many activities, including concert crowds, resides in a vulnerable position, and tends to draw attention.  So it seems wise to acquire a good spare too (two good units total).  All the unique perimeter fasteners are needed too - I seem to have none of the special fasteners.

Right landing gear strut assembly excluding wheels, tires, and retraction / extension actuator:  This is the large and heavy strut structure which supports the right side of the aircraft.  I very stupidly (again) damaged the hydraulic fluid drain bolt related structure in my original, also a real shame since otherwise the assembly is in excellent condition.  And it would be terribly difficult to repair to original strength and reliability.  This is a heavy and bulky item so freight shipping arrangements will be necessary (at my expense of course).  If preferred wheels and tires may be left attached - this would increase shipping expenses significantly but perhaps reduce labor costs on both ends at least as significantly.  A well sealed strut (minimal or no nitrogen leakage) is highly preferred of course.

Modern interior window panels:  My aircraft was equipped with an unappealing 707 style interior.  I updated it with more modern window panels but some are missing, including some normal sizes and some special sizes. So I need several more.  This image illustrates the style I've installed - they're basic white panels which include lamp alcoves above their viewing windows.

Emergency exit door liner mounting collars:  I have a set of attractive newer style emergency exit door panels but they utilize a perimeter collar mounting method, whereas my original panels mounted with simple face to face bolts.  So I just need the mounting collars which bridge the newer style panels to the main structure of the emergency exit doors.  Or perhaps four complete doors...

Main door panels:  White door panels for the four main entry doors from a 727 with a more modern interior would improve aesthetics considerably since my original 707 style panels are rather unattractive.

Outer cabin pressure windows:  Some of mine are crazed or abrasion damaged.  They're very quick and easy to remove.  I need only roughly 20 units.  My sense is that these are common across most Boeing 7X7 models so outer viewing windows from a 737 for example are identical.

Caps for all the lighted push buttons in both the forward and aft flight attendant's microphone and inter-phone equipped control panels (located next to the jump seats), and caps for the aft lavatory occupied lights (located in the vertical section of the aft aisle ceiling panel, facing forward).

Small used hydraulic pump:  This is to operate the air stairs - it's necessary since the original full aircraft system hydraulic pumps were removed.  Retraction or extension speed isn't important so a small used hydraulic pump which is compatible with the Skydrol fluid used in this system should be fine.  Otherwise it could be almost any modest pump driven by almost any form of electrical power.  A metal gear type pump might be appropriate for example.

Cabin air outflow valves:  These are the two devices (possibly integrated within a single housing) which mount on the inside bottom of the fuselage just aft of the aft cargo bay (behind the aft cover panel).  They regulate the release of cabin air to the outside of the aircraft while maintaining cabin pressure.  I don't need fully functional valves - if they seal to the fuselage vent holes properly and still have their valve vanes they'll be helpful.  (But the full assembly would be fine too of course.)

Ceiling mounted latch receptacle which holds the aft door in the aft cargo bay in the open position:  Mine is missing.  I acquired at least two replacements but they're incompatible with my aircraft so evidently there are multiple types.  This isn't an important item though...

Secondary and unlikely to be pursued further:  Wiring harness replacements:  Partially resolved.  I acquired many replacement harnesses from Victorville California and Lake City Florida aircraft, but many more are needed, including the complete P5 panel harness assembly, because the one removed from a Victorville aircraft proved incompatible with my aircraft.  I also need some other flight deck harnesses, several from the electronics bay, and two or three harnesses from the stabilator actuator bay in the top of the vertical stabilizer if possible.  I'd probably need to remove these from an aircraft being salvaged myself because it's quite difficult to convey exactly which harnesses are needed.

Secondary and unlikely to be pursued further:  Steel control cable replacements:  Several cables from the trailing edge of the wings, others from the vertical tail, and some from the fuselage and landing gear bays.  As above I'd likely need to remove these from an aircraft being salvaged myself because it's difficult to convey exactly which cables are needed.  They'd be removed intact by disconnecting their couplings.

Thanks tons and tons Larry for providing so many items - you're a substantial contributor to this project and a very charming Prince!

Copyright 24 October 2018, Howard Bruce Campbell,

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