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A Boeing 727-200 Home Project

An option to a new $200K stick home:  A used multimillion dollar aerospace quality home.

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"These results [his experiments] underscore the importance of shedding familiar ways of thinking in order to gain insight, Siegler contends, whether through personal intuitive force or by changing the structure of a problem."  Robert S. Siegler of Carnegie Mellon University, as reported by Bruce Bower, Science News, 30 October 1999, Vol 156, No. 18, page 282.

Vladimir Putin is an amoral or immoral murderous monster of the first order, as are those who've risen above ignorance yet still willingly support him.  The human story can't succeed until all such people are marginalized to the point of utter insignificance.  Humanity must accomplish this and render all other Animal Farm scenerios impossible if we are to survive Please support democratic Ukraine.    Consider Crimean history as well, but also terribly naive or irresponsible US errors of hubris in the region such as described here and here.  And consider all the mammoth hurdles Alexey Navalny struggled so valiantly to try to overcome in pursuit of liberty and justice, including naked war profiteering greed in the west, here.

A superbly eloquent, lucid, and genuinely honest tribute for pure hearted Aaron Bushnell.  And a fervent call to civil and peaceful but vigorous unrelenting protest!  Fill the streets and raise your voices!  Including in the USA, because this country's behavior in the Israel - Palestine conflict is stunningly disgusting and remarkably myopic in part because it overtly supports an insane criminal war which could plunge our world into a massive global tragedy.  (Includes links to numerous superb articles.)


●  Sentient Artificial Intelligence / 意識 人工知能:  An efficient ACE (Artificial Conscious Entity) design path.

●  I'm confident an ACE will be created very soon.
●  A short story to enhance understanding:

●  Coming soon:  Instructions to email interest in acquiring a stakeholder position (private corporation shares) in to support the gleaming 747-400 Version 2 dream.

●  A true Cosmic Treasure painfully lost.  You will soar forever through every engineer's heart and soul Lynn Conway.

●  For Engineers:  Notes from the nerd cave.

●  Pacific Ocean passage wanted:   If aware of a surface vessel or other low carbon, low cost, zero frills means for passage between Miyazaki and northwest Oregon please contact me.  Slow is okay.  My need repeats rather often in both directions.

●  An immensely tragic and intensely painful loss of a truly great treasure.

●  A hypothesis:  Gravity explained as an electromagnetic force.

●  More.

●  For a leader of impeccable strengths, heart, wisdom, and humanity:  We miss your remarkably capable hands at the Kiwi helm and global stage Jacinda.  With our boundless gratitude may you, your family, and your superb country live forever in perfect health and happiness.

Visitor's information, including important safety issues, liability disclaimers, SARS-CoV-2 hygiene, and strict neighbor privacy restrictions.  Read and accept before visiting.

Special notices:   ●  Dangerous unstable trees.   ●  Please communicate via email - I'm usually unable to respond to phone calls or phone text.   ●  Avoid 'Smash and grab' vehicle burglaries - move all belongings to a trunk or other secure area.

ImportantVehicle parking is not allowed anywhere adjacent to Holly Hill Road!   You must ascend my crude driveway then park near my aircraft.  Don't spin your wheels, not even just a tiny bit.  Use robust entry momentum to ascend the first 13 meters sans any wheel spin.

Lodging guide.

Drone flights.

Driving directions.

Contact information and communication notes.

Three beautiful, fun, or engaging videos:  Cindy Her, Aidin Robbins, and Dylan Magaster.

Media publication terms.

Frequently asked questions:  Costs, room, aerospace appeal, schedule, infrastructure, insulation, codes and zoning, etc.

Volunteer Toil Socials:  A piece of the action!:  Participate in fabrication, restoration, or cleaning projects.

Additional SARS-CoV-2 information.  (Includes Vitamin D deficiency risk factor, a superb review of research history and broad goals, and more.)

Live concerts from a wing of a jetliner home:  2024 Events:

●  Several 2024 events are scheduled.  Please visit for details.

A personal recommendation:  Yuko Pomily:  Uniquely scintillating original music by a truly remarkable young composer and performer.  Purchase her magic.

Media and progress notes.

Aerial images (miniature sample below) and acrobatics.


The next step:  AirplaneHome v2.0

Philosophical foundation and execution overview

General status and commentary

I want one too!  How do I do it?

Three stories as occasionally regaled for guests:  1.  Why I did it and how.  2.  How you can do it too, and much better than I did.  3.  A perception changing fairy tale.

Copyright and media information, and pilot's overflight information.

Items needed.

Lost and found, video requests, and theft.

Forward landing gear support structure fabrication notes.

For Engineers:  Notes from the nerd cave.

Legacy Items:

Precision drawings, including the transport configuration.

Home site drawings.

Transport history.

622 CLSS Support.

HazMat issues.

Hillsboro Airport and Hillsboro Fair Complex management plan

Items for sale.

Key contacts and acknowledgments.

Other retired aircraft dwellings (please advise if more fundamental web sites exist):

Project Freedom, a dual jetliner home project in Texas.

Joanne Ussery's 727 home project.  I stand upon her boldly exploratory shoulders - her project convinced me of the vision's actual feasibility.  The day after becoming aware of it via a PBS "All Things Considered" radio broadcast I began tangible planning for my project.  No direct web site was ever available as far as I know, but the linked article seems credible, and many others can be found with a simple search using keywords such as Joanne Ussery 727.

RedAirLane, a DC8 home in Tennessee.  Fate unknown since the death of its creator, Red Lane, in 2015.

A beautiful 747 hostel in Stockholm.  Their web site.

Costa Verde's charming Boeing 727 lodge in Costa Rica.

The Cosmic Muffin, an intriguing and artfully converted PlaneBoat.  An airplane hotel ambition in the Netherlands.  This video describes it well.

A California home which incorporates Boeing 747 components.

The sad side:  Poor families living in derelict aircraft in Ramkhamhaeng, a Bangkok neighborhood.

Unique snow day image courtesy of Tracy John Babac of the Philippines (InstaGram @TrcyJhn). 
to purchase the NFT of this image (a $10 K minimum collectable), which is especially stunning in large print form.

"Our House Is On Fire."

The Bad Guys Are Winning.  (And will win if those who cherish Liberty and Justice fail to defend them.)   Also here.

Anomaly Six You're almost certainly being tracked.

Animal Farm

US National Debt Clock

Cost of War

Practical fusion and advanced fission power generation seem moderate term possible considering research advancements such as at TAE Technologies and TerraPower respectively.

Deadly Autopilots:  Do airliner autopilots respond to crew incapacitation events by sending the aircraft into a fatal near vertical dive?

The core causes of the Boeing 737 Max Flight 302 and 610 tragedies.

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