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A Boeing 727-200 Home Project

An option to a new $200K stick home:  A used multimillion dollar aerospace quality home.

"These results [his experiments] underscore the importance of shedding familiar ways of thinking in order to gain insight, Siegler contends, whether through personal intuitive force or by changing the structure of a problem." Robert S. Siegler of Carnegie Mellon University, as reported by Bruce Bower, Science News, 30 October 1999, Vol 156, No. 18, page 282.

The next step:  Airplane Home v2.0    Philosophical foundation and execution overview    General status and commentary    I want one too!  How do I do it?

Yuko Pomily:  Uniquely superb original music by a truly remarkable young composer and performer.  Purchase her magic.

Live concerts from a wing of an airliner home.    Next concerts:   30 June 2018 and vicinity dates, Yuko Pomily-san.     (Artists:  Connect directly or at OurScene.Network)

Visitor's information, including safety issues and my legal disclaimer.  And contributions.

Lodging guide.

Drone flight and media guide.

Driving directions.

Contact information and communication notes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):  Costs, room, aerospace appeal, schedule, infrastructure, insulation, codes and zoning, etc.

A uniquely fun and engaging recent video news story.

Deadly Autopilots:  Do airliner autopilots respond to crew incapacitation events by sending the aircraft into a fatal near vertical dive?

Copyright and media information, and pilot's overflight information.

Items or information needed.

Items for sale.

Key contacts and acknowledgments.

Lost and found, video requests, and theft.

Aerial Images (miniature sample below).

Media and Progress Notes:

New:  October 2017  Still reasonably fresh:  April 2017  2016  2015  July 2014  29 August 2006  24 June 2005  16 March 2005  15 February 2005  16 August 2004  7 January 2004  14 June 2003  12 April 2003  14 March 2003  Earlier years and work archive.

Early Images:

November 2001 images from Robert and Ray Baetke, and Bill Leppo.

Ron Sillett's images of the aircraft at the Fair Complex site.

Walt Catino's images of the aircraft at the Fair Complex site.

Robert Baetke's images of the aircraft at the Fair Complex site.

The tow up the Denfeld's driveway, compliments Scott & Renee Huskey and family.

Images and specifications of Olympic Airways 727's, including the actual aircraft delivered, and others.

Personal images from Aero Control's Shelton, WA site.

Legacy Items:

Current status: Aircraft restoration and domestic infrastructure work, and my current email response limitation - updated 31 July 2002. See the image links above for more recent progress notes.

Newsletters - 7 October 1998.

Precision drawings, including the transport configuration - updated 6 February 1999.

Home site drawings - 23 August 1998.

Transport history.

622 CLSS Support.

Obligations agenda - updated 3 November 2000.

HazMat issues - 12 September 1998.

Hillsboro Airport and Hillsboro Fair Complex management plan

Other retired aircraft dwellings (please advise if more fundamental web sites exist):

A beautiful 747 hostel in Stockholm.   Their web site.

Costa Verde's charming Boeing 727 lodge in Costa Rica.

The Cosmic Muffin, an intriguing and artfully converted PlaneBoat.

RedAirLane, a DC8 home in Tennessee.  Fate unknown since the death of the owner, Red Lane, in 2015. An airplane hotel ambition in the Netherlands.   This video describes it very well.

Project Freedom, an ambitious dual aircraft dwelling project in Texas.   No recent progress is evident however.

A home in California made in part from Boeing 747 components.

The sad side:   Poor families living in derelict aircraft in Ramkhamhaeng, a Bangkok neighborhood.

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