Drone Flights

Updated 20 June 2018

You're welcome to fly a drone and capture media as follows:

1.  You may fly anywhere around my property and 727 home, and you may fly as close to any object as you like.  But avoid collisions and maintain a sufficiently safe distance from outdoor people.

2.  You may capture any media from any position, including interior images and video through windows.  (Your drone camera may peer into the interior of my aircraft at any time.)

3.  You may fly on any date and at any time, including when dark if you can do so safely, for as long as you like.

4.  You're not obliged to contact or coordinate with me - you may simply conduct your flights independently whenever you like from wherever you like.  But you're welcome to coordinate with me if you prefer.

5.  Drones are always welcome and never molested.  But if accidental damage to your drone occurs the loss is your sole responsibility.  A drone is unlikely to substantially damage my property but if a significant accident occurs please advise me so I'll know to inspect the material involved to determine whether repairs are necessary.

6.  If you pilot your flight or retrieve your drone from my property be certain to read and agree to my visitor's information before arrival.

Drone Media:  Please review my Publication Terms for any media you wish to share publicly.

Happy flying!

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