Volunteer Toil Socials

If specific dates are scheduled they're posted directly below.

If a piece of the action might amuse you:

All sufficiently able bodied volunteers are welcome, but all participation is at your own full risk and all my legal disclaimers and visitor's information apply.  Please carefully review and agree to all the terms on that page and any others which might be conveyed.  Remain thoroughly safety vigilant since personal injury or death hazards are involved.

Until SARS-CoV-2 has been effectively conquered please wear face masks when near others outside your group for our mutual protection (I can supply a few if needed).

No compensation's provided, sorry.

There's no obligation to help or otherwise participate.  For example if some in a group wish to participate but others prefer to simply watch, explore the environment, socialize, or otherwise recreate it's perfectly fine.

Any food or drink you'd like to take and consume are welcome.  Picnics are fine.  But remain safely sober at all times.  And as with all visits and activities, please be certain to leave no litter or recyclables - remove all your belongings and discards when you depart.

These are volunteer labor work projects with socializing - hopefully they're amusing novelties, but any of them might fade to tedium or hardship depending upon social appeals or work or weather rigors.  Stop whenever it's no longer fun, even if after only a few minutes, no problem at all!

If on a weekday scheduling's not necessarily required.  If you wish to volunteer simply advise upon arrival - if practical I'll defer other activities so we can start, then we'll work until it no longer appeals to you.

Scheduling is best for Saturday and Sunday volunteer work.  Please contact me to schedule your time.

Normal visitors:  Please accept that I might be unable to provide full or direct tour related guidance and commentary during volunteer work projects, and some areas might be temporarily inaccessible.

Numerous projects of varying types are available, including:

●  Pressure washing.  Details below.  (This is much more straightforward than most other projects.)
●  Bottom surface wing panel and fuel cell panel reattachments.  (Primarily a rather simple bolting task.)
●  Flap track reattachments (four below each wing, one already nearly complete).
●  Vertical tail and stabilator cover panel reattachments.
●  Slat replacements (or in some cases perhaps just actuator reattachments), both wings.
●  Spoiler replacements (or in some cases perhaps just actuator reattachments), both wings.
●  Cargo bay organization, both forward and aft:  Transform the existing utter chaos into elegant and beautiful order.
●  Passenger and flight deck seat restoration.  Some mechanical elements, but mostly upholstery restoration.
●  Installation of three overhead cabin bins.  Some custom mounting structure fabrication's required.
●  Permanent concrete forward landing gear support structure rebar fabrication and framing reinforcement.  Contact me for details.
●  Trenching and conduit assembly to deliver underground electrical power to the concert event related drink bar and disco stage.
●  Relocation of a wind turbine, probably to a new much higher support pillar.
●  Transport of my very high mass aft storage van to the west border of my property.  This is a very challenging and dangerous task which will likely require two mobile home type axel and wheel sets and a bulldozer.
●  And many others...

The most frequent warm weather volunteer labor need is pressure washing of all the outdoor surfaces of my aircraft.  Upward facing and vertical surfaces, landing gear bays, and engine nacelles and housings should be washed at least every two years, but each year is preferable.  Manual scrubbing with rags, brushes, or other implements isn't practical - pressure washers are required.  This work isn't practical during cold weather periods in part due to my 13 °C well water.

If you have a mid to high capacity pressure washer which is sufficiently portable please take if for your work.  My pressure washer awaits repairs so it's unavailable at this time.  Currently I have no fuel for gasoline powered pressure washers so please take fuel as well if practical and safe, and I'll reimburse for your pressure washer fuel expenses.  (Sorry, I'm supporting this endeavor very poorly at this time...)

If you'd like to add "Jetliner Flight Surfaces Hygiene Technician" to your resume, please pitch in any time you like!

Cosmic scale and heartfelt thanks to Diana and spouse who cleaned substantial proportions of my fuselage and right wing in early 2020!  They also donated three new high quality brushes which have proved highly useful and effective for sweeping my wings and other surfaces of Douglas Fir needles, walnut tree leaves, and other debris.  Thanks tons Diana and spouse!

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