Boeing 727 Home Ready to Roll

Jurisdictions Suggest Safe Parking and Viewing Sites

For Immediate Release

Date 02/01/99

Contact: Anne Madden, Program Educator, 693-4963


Plans are firming up for the final journey for Bruce Campbell's new 727 jetliner home. Campbell is working closely with Washington County Road Operations, the Sheriff's Office, Hillsboro Police and Fire Departments, and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to make sure the move is accomplished safely. He and his contractor plan to dolly the fuselage from its pad behind Cavanaugh's Motel to SE 34th at midnight Friday.

Beginning at 1:00 am they will journey west along Cornell Road, accompanied by flaggers, police and a County vehicle. On-coming traffic will be guided carefully past the procession; traffic behind the official vehicles will be diverted. Traveling at three mph, they expect to reach 10th and Washington at approximately 1:30 am. They will lay over in that location until 2:00 am, when MAX light rail shuts down and they can safely cross the tracks.

Turning west, the plane will proceed along Baseline to First Avenue. As they make the turn onto First, the Sheriff's Office will close First (Hwy 219) all the way south to Farmington Road. Traffic should use Farmington Road (Hwy 10) to River Road as an alternate; please be aware that Minter Bridge Road is weight-limited. The movers plan a 20 mph pace along much of Hwy 219. They will turn west onto Bald Peak Road and then onto Campbell Road and then on the final property on Holly Hill Road. Local traffic will be detoured. The County Dispatch Center (WCCCA) will stay in constant contact with the responsible parties, checking on their progress. Signposts, traffic signals, utility poles and lines and historic trees have all been measured and provisions made for clearance where necessary.

The following are suggested parking sites for any members of the public who are awake and care to watch some of the progress: the Albertson's lot at 10th and Baseline, Hank's Thriftway at 8th and Baseline, or the County/Tri-Met Parking Garage at First and Washington. This move is difficult and slow; the public is asked to exercise patience and extreme caution. For more information you may check out Campbell's web site at

(Minor edits by Bruce Campbell 2 & 3 February 1999)

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