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Precise GPS location (courtesy Carl Van Wormer, then adjusted slightly by reference to a USGS map):

45° 24' 29" North
-123° 00' 29" West
~539 Feet elevation

From the UBG VOR, approximately: 315° radial, 3.4 miles. A pilot suggests flying the 317° radial and view left (courtesy Bill Swickard).

An old aerial image is shown below.

Press and media pilots and producers, and private pilots:

Please email aerial images of this project for posting on this site, with an acknowledgment if desired. Email your company icon and web site link address if you'd like them posted with the acknowledgment.

Overflights, including media video: I can't speak for my neighbors, but I have no objection to overflights by aircraft of any kind - I like aircraft and rather enjoy the aerial activity. If I wave to you, I'm just passing along greetings - you're not bothering me. Keep in mind though that my site currently attracts more air traffic than is usual for rural areas, so please be especially cautious and vigilant regarding other aircraft.

I also have no objection to the recording, broadcasting, or reproduction of overflight images of my aircraft, my land, or my property by locally operated Portland, Oregon metro area news media (such as for example KPTV, KATU, KOIN, KGW, or similar local franchises), or the Oregon Public Broadcasting System, or the Oregonian or similar print or electronic media, without compensation. Images from these flights may also be used by the national or international broadcasting networks associated with the local affiliates, or by news wire services, when incorporated into genuine news media, without compensation. News media helicopters may use lights to illuminate my property at any time, and for any duration.

But to the extent that I'm legally allowed to restrict such images, they may not be published or broadcast by talk shows or other entertainment media, or by any for profit studios or other publishing firms, or any for profit marketing, aviation, or real estate related organizations, or any for profit manufacturing or service organizations generally, whether video, electronic or printed, without agreement to my publication terms. In other words, if you're a profit motivated entertainment media, marketing, or other organization rather than a genuine news organization, contact me via email for my publication terms. My terms are simple and straightforward, and I normally respond to requests for them promptly.

Other press and media information:

Proper English: Please eliminate the popular "try and" grammar error, the ain't of modern times. It's disgusting. The correct phrase is "try to". Also, "talk to" (and "make love to") is broken grammar unless you're referring to a lecture type situation (or an inanimate inflatable doll). "Talk with" (or "make love with") is the correct phrase for interactive engagement with another living being. Please advise all your anchors and reporters so that they'll refrain from teaching your viewers, especially young viewers, broken grammar.

On site interviews: For the news media described above and radio stations generally, I'm happy to support on site interviews and video capture most any time, assuming I'm not constrained by critical or high hourly cost activities. But be aware that I'm often in Nippon (Japan). Please email or call to arrange a time or general time, and I'll then provide instructions regarding my private drive and associated signs. You have my permission to ignore the no trespassing sign in my driveway, as do general public visitors if their visit has been prearranged.

Have fun with your commentary: For the news media described above, I'd like you to feel reasonably free to have fun with your coverage and commentary. As long as it's not mean spirited, I have no objection to descriptions of the project or me personally in jovial terms or as you think best adds value and interest to your coverage. I'm not easily offended nor particularly concerned with my personal image, so have some fun if you like. It seems to me that the project can be described in all sorts of different ways, any or all of which play some role in this endeavor. I like to think that it's a little forward looking and fun loving, but it's certainly a little eccentric too. Who really knows which is most relevant? I don't remember any instance of mean spirited news coverage in the local video media on any story, so I doubt that you'll ever significantly offend me. So please just stay in form, that is, as usual, avoid any pointless mean spirited elements, and have fun with your coverage with my blessing. On the other hand, if you sense that there's a serious element that should receive attention, I'll do my best to provide complete and accurate information to the best of my knowledge, and full access. I'd prefer to keep this a fun, transparent, and honest project, and will do my best to keep it that way, taking clues from friends and the press to guide me should I stray from those goals.

Some Modest Privacy Precautions: I don't want to discourage public interest in the project at this time, but in certain respects it is a private home construction project, so there are some elements of privacy to be aware of. So except for the liberties described above, please consider the usual privacy issues, most particularly those which might impact my neighbors. Regarding the public at large, strangers who wish to visit should contact me first, so please don't imply that folks should feel free to drop in unannounced. (But most folks who have been directly involved in the project, in both the public and private sectors, are generally welcome most anytime.)

Part of this relates to a concern that folks might trespass on my neighbor's private property in the course of impromptu sight seeing outings, and part of it is a simple matter of personal security. My neighbors have been very supportive of this project, and I'm highly motivated to minimize the possibility that they might regret this support in the future. And personally, at some point in the relatively distant future, I might wish to return to a private lifestyle, and if so I ask that you respect this.

But in the meantime I'm happy to set aside time and resources to cheerfully address public curiosity via the news media as best I can. Also, once the aircraft approaches completion, I'll publish times for public tours on this web site for about a year afterward if interest warrants. I might extend this for additional years, but I might not.

At this time I would prefer that my address and telecom numbers not be published in any commercial media in connection with this project, unless required by law. However, feel free to publish my web site address,, maintaining capitalization exactly as shown. (My home address and telecom numbers are on this site, but I'd still prefer that they not be published in other media.) I don't expect anonymity in this endeavor, but I'd prefer to minimize certain personal security risks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or voice call. The voice mail system will answer as Hypatia Inc., a tiny company, but I'll get the messages.

Thanks and regards, Bruce

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Map courtesy of MapQuest.

Optionally, here's an old image, courtesy the USGS, onto which I've lofted a crude silhouette of the aircraft only roughly to scale. Current Douglas Fir foliage is much more dense. North is up. The Denfeld property borders mine to the east, starting with the plum tree orchard.

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