The first three photos illustrate two 727-200 aircraft, one of which is serial number 20005, the actual aircraft to be delivered (I don't know which aircraft is 20005 and which is 20006 in the photos). The history, from Boeing, is as follows:

Olympic Airways 727, 1 of 5

Olympic Airways 727, 2 of 5

Olympic Airways 727, 3 of 5

Olympic Airways 727, 4 of 5

Olympic Airways 727, 5 of 5


Other Boeing 727s:

PanAm 727, Old Paint Style

PanAm 727, New Paint Style 1 of 3

PanAm 727, New Paint Style 2 of 3

PanAm 727, New Paint Style 3 of 3

Mostly White Braniff Paint Style

Mostly White Condor Paint Style

Mostly Polished Aluminum American Airlines Style


22 September 1998: I was originally advised that the aircraft was a from the Pan American fleet, but now understand that it's from Olympic Airways instead. The photos above reflect this evolution.

I'm inclined to feel that a simple white paint style, with no accent designs, will look best on my home site. So I might remove the blue areas from the fuselage and the tail. Perhaps the underlying white paint can be preserved during the removal process, leaving an entirely white paint style. If not, I'd have to repaint the affected areas.

If the paint ages, when it begins to look unattractive I'll consider removing all of it and establishing a polished aluminum style as suggested by the American Airline style, sans the accent stripes. This looks very good too in my view, and might be essentially maintenance free.

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