Lodging Guide

Updated 19 June 2018.

Visitors are occasionally welcome to lodge in my home for free for one or more nights, especially if traveling on a frugal budget.  Inquire via email if interested.  No charges apply to anything and please don't offer compensation.  Review and agree to my visitor's information beforehand.  My home is clean but very basic and rather primitive with limited amenities as follows:

Guest bedding:  Three queen size air mattresses, blankets, and pillows.  A sleeping bag is also available or you may use your own if clean.  Pillows, pillow cases, blankets, and sleeping bags are all machine washed and air mattresses towel wiped with isopropyl alcohol after every guest visit - all bedding items are kept rigorously clean.

Lavatory:  One normal 727 full privacy guest lavatory.  A second, my personal 727 lavatory, is also available when needed.

Shower:  A primitive warm water shower.  It's fully functional but fabrication is incomplete so it provides almost no privacy.  But I'm happy to work outside or otherwise avoid the area during guest showers of course.  (However I'm not shy so guests may manage themselves entirely as they please during my shower.)  Hot water capacity is sufficient for one leisurely shower but my water heater recovers slowly so two or more showers might require significant waiting time.

Sinks:  One moderate sized warm water sink for hand washing, tooth brushing, or any other use.  In addition each lavatory is equipped with a small sink but currently they provide only cold water.

Laundry:  An excellent modern high capacity clothes washer and detergent are always available.  Normally clothes are air dried with fan and dehydrator assist on racks or hangers in my cabin but an electric clothes dryer is available if desired.

Heat:  Currently cabin heating is limited to portable electric space heaters (improvements are expected soon however).  During cold weather my forward cabin is very cold - almost as cold as outside.  My aft cabin area can be maintained at a far more comfortable roughly 19 °C but floor space is limited, though perhaps sufficient for one air mattress.  However my aft cabin area can be expanded and additional heating utilized to maintain very roughly 19 °C.  Nonetheless during cold weather it's best to plan for camping temperature conditions - if practical equip yourself with day clothing which is warm enough to insure you'll be comfortable even if temperatures fall to almost 0 °C, and as a precaution pack warm sleeping attire as well.

Food and drink:  Basic food including canned soup, bean burritos, whole grain bread, rice, breakfast cereal, soy milk, juice, and a few other items are usually available.  But fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, wine, beer, tea, and coffee usually aren't available so if desired please provide those items yourself.  Hot water for tea or instant coffee is available.  Wine or beer may be consumed but remain sober enough to insure you can reliably avoid safety hazards (such as extremely hot tap water).  Some extra space is generally available in my refrigerator.

Cooking:  Microwave oven and toaster oven.  But no stove nor conventional oven are available (nor planned).  Clean tableware is available.

Dining and provisioning:  No restaurants nor grocery stores are nearby so please plan your food and drink needs accordingly.  (Driving time to these facilities is about 10 to 25 minutes each way, variable with time of day and other factors.)

Internet access:  WiFi access to the Internet is usually but not always available (it's weather dependent).  But it's limited - you may use it for modest volume text focused material but not for content rich media such as high resolution images or any movies.

Television:  None, sorry.  Real life will have to suffice...

Electrical power:  Normal 120 Vrms 60 Hz and USB connected 5 Vdc electrical power in multiple locations to charge or operate any devices or appliances.  There are no use limits.

Sleep time:  Sleep or be active whenever you like irrespective of my sleep time.  My personal sleep cycles are highly irregular or Asia linked so I'm often active during normal sleeping hours.  However I remain very quiet and avoid room lights when guests sleep.

Media capture:  You may capture any media of anything at any time but read my media publication terms for credits and restrictions which apply to material you wish to share publicly.

Hazards and general notes:

1.  Be certain to read and agree to my visitor's information before arrival.

2.  The temperature of my hot water is very high and will scald skin if not mixed with cold water.  So exercise extremely careful use of running water in my home.

3.  Liquid hand soap is extremely concentrated - one or two drops is usually sufficient.  Please be mindful of this to avoid waste.

4.  Portable space heaters may be used in the lavatories to provide thoroughly warm conditions there but be certain to turn them off when you leave the lavatory.

Happy lodging!

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