Aircraft Washing Toil Socials

Only during hot or quite warm weather.  If a specific date is scheduled it will be posted here.

All are welcome, but this is scrubbing labor volunteer work and socializing - hopefully an amusing novelty, but it might fade to tedium depending upon social appeals.  Stop whenever it's no longer fun, even if after only a few minutes, no problem at all!

If on a weekday no scheduling is involved, but rather a spontaneous and piecemeal activity.  If you wish to wash simply advise upon arrival, I'll defer other activities so we can start, then we'll wash until you tire of it.  Normal visitors:  Please accept that I'll probably be unable to provide direct tour related guidance and commentary during these times, and some areas may be temporarily inaccessible.

Please take a mid to high capacity pressure washer if you have one which is sufficiently portable.  High quality shop floor brushes combined with general purpose detergent proved to be too inefficient to be practical, alas.  I'll try to experiment with another hand tool idea, but at this time pressure washers seem to be the only practical means of cleaning.  But mine is currently undergoing repairs and thus unavailable.  Currently I have no fuel for gasoline powered pressure washers, but hope to soon, then will advise here.  Until then please take fuel as well if practical and safe, and I'll reimburse for your pressure washer fuel expenses.  Sorry, I'm supporting this endeavor very poorly at this time...

Progress thus far:  Diana and spouse cleaned a substantial proportion of the fuselage and right wing (thanks tons!).  Using a low power pressure washer, I cleaned the number two engine nacelle and related alcoves, internal equipment bays within the vertical tail, air stairs, and the Douglas Fir needles from on and under the right wing and all its flight control surfaces.  (I also cleaned the permanent forward landing gear support structure concrete pad and framing material in preparation for completion of that long deferred project.)  Remaining dirty areas include:  Most of the sides of the fuselage and flight deck, the outside surfaces of the vertical tail, the outer surfaces of the right wing, the entire left wing, the main landing gear bays, and possibly a few modest sized other areas.

Any food and drink you'd like to take and consume are welcome, but remain sober and please take recyclables and waste with you when you depart.

No compensation's provided, sorry.  Review and agree to all visitor's information and remain thoroughly safety vigilant since personal injury or death hazards are involved.  Please wear face masks when near others outside your group for our mutual protection (I can supply a few).

If you'd like to add "Jetliner Flight Surfaces Hygiene Technician" to your resume, please join us!

Cosmic scale and heartfelt thanks to Diana and spouse who donated three new high quality brushes and already accomplished substantial fuselage and right wing cleaning with their pressure washer!

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